Saturday, July 4, 2009

Back from Vacation, Happy 4th!

I was on vacation the Past few months, and last week I was over at the Sovereignty of God conference, so I haven't had a chance to blog anything. That James White guy spoke a forthnight or so ago. My Admiration for his tactics increased exponentially. He is a Godly Man, I will not accept any negative posts about him on this blog.

Monday, May 11, 2009

My Five Year Catholic Answers Anniversary

This month marks my five year anniversary as a professional troll of various Catholic forums, especially Catholic Answers Forums!

Recall, Mr. Madrid banned me from Envoy because I posted a link to Alpha and Omega Ministries.  But i registered again, under the pseudonym "Algo" and i talked about myself as  like a third person in this post on Sippo vs Algo

Mr. Armstrong banned me from the Coming Home Network forums during the registration process.  But i don't want to give away  my pseudonym for my new registration at Coming Home Network.

To date, I've posted under 500 times, with an average of 0.25 posts per day. I'd like to thank the staff of Catholic Answers for not banning me.  Although i've been making quite a fool of myself. Now it's quite obvious that i haven't really taught anything about my own theology. I just like to defend Luther, James White, and attack the Romans. 

I'm not sure how long this will last though. So i've save a copy of my Catholic Answers thread.  Call me a Narcissist if you want

Friday, May 8, 2009

Out of the Mouth of Babes? Hardly!

Hiya reformed! Dr. Oakley here, with all my credentials and whatnot. Be that as it may, just wanted to show the Elect how far and wide the Italian Mafia a.k.a Romanic heresy, has spread.

From the Last paragraph of this Associated Press Article;

""I really want to meet the pope," said Cecile Adam, an 11-year-old whose family fled Baghdad. "I think he can do something to help Iraq because Jesus gave him a good position and Jesus wants us to be happy."

Now its quite clear to anybody who has attended any sort of advanced classes in sophistry, that this 11yr old Cecile Adam has not been taught how to exegete Matt 16:18 using Reformed ways. His apostasy was preordained.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Sippo vs Lortz Revisted. Interview with Ratzinger

A few years back when traffic not yet been noticeable on my site, I picked a fight with Catholic apologist Dr. Art Sippo.

Right now, Dave Armstrong is on vacation, so he won't be responding to my desperate call for attention.  Steve Ray, hardly if ever actually responds to my proddings, so i'm reverting to the one Dr. Art Sippo. Will he respond and help drive traffic? Only time will tell. If he does not responding i will spam link my site on Aomin and various other Roman forums, where i troll.

At issue is Romanichean theologian -Cardinal Ratzinger- who whole heartedly approved both Luther, and Luther-scholarship-improver-extraordinaire, Joseph Lortz.  My sources have confirmed that Ratzinger has joined the FBI witness protection program and goes by the italian name Papa Benedetto. 

Aomin caught up with Ratzinger for a few quick questions

Aomin: Cardinal Ratzinger, you previously endorsed Joseph Lortz assessement of Luther

C. Ratzinger: How so?

Aomin: You said in an interview a few years ago, and i quote "J. Lortz from Luxembourg became the father of modern Catholic Luther scholarship. He is still considered the turning-point in the struggle for an historically truthful and theologically adequate image of Luther. Against the background of the theological movement between the two world wars, Lortz could develop new ways of questioning which, subsequently, would lead to a new assessment of Luther." 

C. Ratzinger: Where in the sentence is there an endorsement?  I was explaing how Lortz's reassement had become a turning point, his way of questioning and thing of the sort, are viewed by some schorlars. I by no means claimed it  as a majority view point,or the most accurate.  If you look at my quote in context,you would see that what you claim is not what i did. In other words,  in an effort to get a historically truthfull, theological adequate  image of Luther, Joseph Lortz scholarship shoud be part of a kerygma of work that should be consulted.

Aomin: Now you are backpedalling

C. Ratzinger: Don't distort my sentences, lest haply you should be anathemized buddy.

The Full video of this exchange will be posted as soon as possible

Monday, April 27, 2009

16th Century Insults

It's extremely hard to avoid polemic in online discourse. When people argue, they argue from their heart. I have an emotional investment in my belief in Luther.  I know he's wrong but i have to save face, and out of pride pretend that i have any coherent theology. On Beggars All, I banned people for destroying my arguments for quite a few years. But I finally realized that I have nothing more to offer, and the only way i can get any traffic to my site, is to insult Catholics.
There's nothing new under the sun when it comes to such insults. Its a tried and true tactic. Consider this 16th century language from Luther by Erwin Doernberg (California: Stanford University Press, 1961) page 31:

"The Pope is just not cool enough to be a Mac person."

Assertio Septem Sola Scriptura: An Idea to Help Aomin

Right now Aomin enterprises is experiencing economic grief because of the struggling economy. We just wanted to let you know that, we appreciate any and all donations to this ministry. We've expanded what will be acceptable as legal tender. I've just been told by our webmaster that our online donation system, has been reconfigured to accept casino chips. Thanks for bankrolling Dr. James Whites adventures.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Interview with Webster King Part 2

Just finished transcribing Part 2 of Our Interview with Webster King. Sorry it took such a long time, the tapes are of low quality, and so we were trying to make sure they were as accurate as possible. The mp3 version will be on sale at Aomin for $6.00 as soon as we can make that available

Dr. Oakley: So you were slightly apprehensive, initially, but once you learned that there was no visible temporal, or earthly consequences for your actions, you decided to double down on deceit.

Mr. King: Absolutley, plus its a great way to make money

Dr. Oakley: I could learn a thing or two from you.

Mr. King: Well, its not that hard to be honest, the Church Fathers' words are available for anyone willing to hack it out of context. In this book i've described the procedure in detail, so that any unsuspecting reader would easily be taken in. You'd be surprised at how many Romans we've ensnared.

Dr. Oakley: haha, sweeeet!...

Mr. King: Take Athanasius for example, he....

Dr. Oakley: Oh no,no,no,no.

Mr. King: What?

Dr. Oakley: Cyril of Alexandria had already warned against using Athansius for this type of apologetics in the context of others twisting his own speech: "When some of those who are accustomed to turn from the right, twist my speech to their views, I pray your holiness not to wonder; but be well assured that the followers of every heresy gather the occasions of their error from the God-inspired Scriptures, corrupting in their evil minds the things rightly said through the Holy Spirit, and drawing down upon their own heads the unquenchable flame.Since we have learned that certain, after having corrupted it, have set forth the orthodox epistle of our most distinguished Father Athanasius to the Blessed Epictetus, so as thereby to injure many; therefore it appeared to the brethren to be useful and necessary that we should send to your holiness a copy of it from some correct ancient transcripts which exist among us."

Mr. King: So what?

Dr. Oakley: Well look, i'd rather be safe than sorry, I don't mind distorting other Church Fathers, i'm just not confortable with either Cyril or Athanasius.

Mr. King: Ok? Thats your own cup of tea. Money talks buddy.